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Today's world is constantly evolving and the biggest impetus behind this evolution has been the rapid development of information technology. One most prominent off-spring of IT advancement is rapid development in the world of telecommunication and invention of mobile phones. And most prominent off-shoot of mobile phones is text messages.

Much to your surprise, now you do not have to use mobile phones to communicate through text messages. SMS111 is the platform to send free text messages for Pakistanis residing in homeland and the Pakistani Diaspora in Middle East, Europe and across the globe.

We are not just any other website that enables the user to send free text. What make us stand out are the distinctive features we offer to our users. Some of our distinguish features are given below:

SMS library:

SM111 offers you the library swamped with all sorts of text messages. There are text messages in our library ranging from Islamic SMS to political SMS, funny SMS and list just goes on.

Send free SMS to Pakistan:

Another feature that makes SMS111 unique is the easy and simple process of getting registered with the website. Two options are given on the website
  1. New user local Pakistani
  2. New international user.
One just has to click on the relevant option and putting the brief require information will enable you to use the website and send free text messages.

Besides the easy and organized registration process, we assure you that not even an iota of the information given on this website will be divulged and we are committed to keep your information private.

Fun element:

SMS111 is not just an online SMS website but also your gateway to the unlimited entertainment and knowledge. We ensure to feature latest happenings and developments around the globe on our website and on our social networks to create value for our customers.

To be precise, SMS111 is the panacea to those, Pakistani dwellers in general and overseas Pakistanis in particular, looking for economical yet efficient way of communication with their loved ones. Get registered with SMS111 and make communication easy while keeping the fun element alive.